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Toll Free during Business Hours (888) 485-4400
e-Banking Assistance during Business Hours (888) 485-4400
Open a New Checking or Savings Account During Business Hours: Local Office
24 Hour Telephone Banking In Metro-Milwaukee: (262) 641-1399
Toll-Free:                    (800) 226-4899
Recorded Checking & Savings Rate Information (262) 784-1064
Check (Debit) Card EnFact Alert Number (877) 253-8964
Check (Debit) Card Lost/Stolen During Business Hours:  Local Office
After Hours: (800) 554-8969
Elan Consumer Credit Card Lost/Stolen (800) 558-3424
Elan Business Credit Card Lost/Stolen (866) 552-8855
Existing Mortgage Account Questions Toll Free:  (888) 485-4400
Direct:       (262) 784-4400
Financial Hardship/Payment Options Toll Free:   (888) 485-4400
Direct:        (262) 641-1339
Purchase/Refinance Mortgage & Current Application Questions Contact one of our Loan Officers
Many are available after hours via cell phone
Recorded Mortgage Rate Information (262) 784-7977
Great Midwest Financial Center (262) 641-1322
By Email   (please do not send private information via email)
Checking and Savings Account Questions/Account Opening Email Us
e-Banking Assistance Email Us
Mortgage Questions including Financial Hardship Email Us or Contact a Loan Officer
Great Midwest Financial Center (no transaction requests via email) Email Dan Murphy
Great Midwest Bank offers a number of solutions for customers who are experiencing financial hardship and are having difficulty making their payments.  To learn more about these options, please contact Loan Services using the numbers above M-F 9am-5pm or via email.